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The Revolution Is Still Going Strong

revolution bagAs we enter our fifth year in business manufacturing EPA-compliant can liners, we continue to see record months in both sales and production.  With the most environmentally friendly story in our category, coupled with the high-quality resin we use from Delta Plastics, our greatest challenge seems to be making enough!

Revolution Bag now has national distribution and conducts business in 48 states.

Our story has stayed the same since the first bag came off our production line --
 “A sustainable solution in can liners that doesn’t cost more and will perform as well as virgin resin can liners.”

Many people talk about “going green” but struggle with how to start or can’t really tell if their efforts have an impact.  At Revolution Bag, we allow our customers to participate in making a positive environmental impact through the use of PCR (post-consumer recycled) can liners.  

Revolution Bags use 53 percent less energy and produce 37 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions in our process versus products that use only virgin resin.

Something as easy as changing your trash bags can make a huge difference when we all work together.

As we close out 2014, we are proud of our company, its story, and our customers who continue to support and assist us in making a difference.

David Rives 
Revolution Bag Company

Revolution Bag is a subsidiary of Delta Plastics and utilizes PCRpro in the production of can liners.  The post-consumer resin is a product of recycled polytube, making Revolution Bag a key part of the closed-loop process Delta Plastics is built upon.

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