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Important H2O Initiative Information

As we move through summer and all of the challenges weather brings to the agriculture industry, I wanted to take a moment to share some very important and exciting information. Delta Plastics, along with many other stakeholders, launched the H2O Initiative several years ago. This is a bold move to reduce irrigation water by 20% within the Mississippi Delta by the year 2020. I feel this is an important endeavor and have devoted multiple resources from Delta Plastics to help this happen.

Delta Plastics offers an excellent tool for irrigation savings through Pipe Planner. This is a web-based application designed to help farmers create the most efficient polytube irrigation plan for their field. Pipe Planner can reduce water usage and energy use by up to 25%. This brings big savings to your bottom line as well as important savings for our environment. I know the irrigation season is in full swing right now, but it is actually a great time to gather your field data and prepare your field plans for next year. Our Pipe Planner professionals can help you get started today and you will have a efficient irrigation plan ready for next year. Contact Matt Lindsey today at for more information or get started with your field plan at

We are very excited to announce the launch of the H2O Initiative website. This is an excellent tool supported by industry leaders in irrigation and you will find a tremendous amount of information on this site. You can learn more about Pipe Planner, Soil Moisture Probes, MIRI/AWD for rice, Surge Valves and many other irrigation resource tools. So go check out this new website today

At Delta Plastics we continue to strive to achieve our goal of Preserving Our Farmland.

Dhu Thompson

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