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It's that time of year again ―

Time when our growers are busy cutting crops and rolling up used polytube, and we are busy directing our fleet of trucks across the Delta to collect that used polytube and deliver it to our Stuttgart, Ark. facility for washing and recycling.

This complex symphony of activity and enterprise has grown from a fledgling, hair-on-fire operation only 20 short years ago to one of the largest, most sophisticated collection programs for heavily-soiled used plastic anywhere in the world.

And while some elements of our recycling efforts have not changed (in many ways, we still operate as if with hair aflame), it is instructive to reflect on how far we have come over these past 20 years.

Consider these highlights:

  • We developed the first polytube rollers almost 18 years ago, manufacturing 10 units and sending them to various parts of the region. While we have no idea what happened to those original 10, there are now thousands of rollers across the Mid South – at least one roller on nearly every farm in the Delta.
  • As recently as 10 years ago, we had only 12 official GPS collection sites across the entire Delta. We now have more than 3,000 official GPS waypoints where polytube is collected for pick-up and processing.
  • Our recycling operation in Stuttgart has evolved from a single used 1-ton collection truck, a garden hose and a cement mixer to a fleet of 40+ collection semi-trucks and a highly complex, patented system that utilizes the latest technology to process hundreds of millions of pounds of material each year.
  • We are quickly approaching more than 1 billion pounds of collected material diverted from landfills since 1998.
Our comprehensive recycling program is one of our proudest achievements as a Company. Importantly, the milestones we have achieved and the growth we have experienced would not have been possible were it not for your – our growers’ – willingness to participate with us in this important endeavor.

In a very real way, the credit for this recycling success belongs to you, and our achievements are really your achievements. So thank you – we are proud and honored to partner with you as we work to preserve our farmland for future generations.

Sean Whiteley
Delta Plastics/Revolution Bag

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